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Monday, February 20, 2012

Site Redesign (and Editing News)

I've updated the site a bit to make it more streamlined and easy on the eyes. The long list of random stuff that occupied the right side of the screen is now gone, replaced by a short simple menu and a few social media icons (including an icon for Pinterest, which is a site I'm not sure I understand yet). I've also enlarged the image at the top of the page while removing some of the random links that were hidden in the image. And finally, I've tried to simplify the blog itself by enlarging the font, making the font black, and placing the font against a light background. What do you think?

In editing news, I'm currently at work on Chapter 3 of my book. This chapter, like Chapter 2, is going to take awhile. The first half of the chapter doesn't have much dialogue, and I seem to slow down in editing when I'm not writing scenes where people are talking. Some pivotal things happen in this chapter, so I'm also going slow to make sure the scenes play out as I want and need them to.

That's it for now!