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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My deadline is fast approaching...

Last June, when I began writing my novel, I gave myself a deadline for the first draft. At the time, that deadline was in the distant future, and I figured I would finish way before the deadline arrived.

Fast forward to today - October 5th. My deadline for my rough draft is Halloween, so I've got 26 days left to finish things up. I am going to make the deadline, but still, Halloween is approaching a lot sooner than I imagined it would. (Hmmm...maybe disappearing to Italy for a month is partly to blame.)

So what happens once I finish the rough draft?

Well, that's when the editing will begin in earnest. At that time, I'll also break my self-imposed silence about my book and start to give more details about what the book is about. I won't give anything away with my updates, so you'll be able to continue reading this blog without worrying about spoilers. It'll be nice to share my characters with you so you can get to know them. They've been living in my mind and on my computer for months (and in some cases, years), so I know they're dying to be set free.

So many things still to do:
  • Edit
  • Convert my maps into a larger format than the pencil drawings I've done. (Might need to talk to Jacquelyn Smith at that point, as she has posted a lot lately about maps.)
  • Edit
  • Find someone to design the cover
  • Edit
  • Create a blurb for the back cover of the book
  • Oh, and did I mention editing?
Anyway, I'm glad to have you all here with me. It's a good feeling knowing there are people out there interested in what's happening with my book!  :-)