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Monday, March 7, 2011

Very active (and helpful!) Amazon writers

Last week I was struggling to find a definitive method and process for uploading books to Amazon's Kindle store. Well, things are much better this week. There are some incredibly helpful people out there in the writer's community, and I managed to find most of the answers to my questions. As an example, check out CJs Easy As Pie Kindle Tutorials. His writing is easy to follow, and he provides quick answers if you post a comment on one of his blog entries.

So anyway, what does this all mean to me?

It means I have a tentative layout for my book, and I can now move on to some of the other details like designing a cover, creating a personal web site, and starting a Twitter feed. I guess I'll do a Facebook page too. And yes, I hope to get some writing done in between all these other steps too!  :-)