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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Time Management

Lately I've struggled to find time for all my hobbies.

This is mostly my own fault. I made the decision to run longer distances each day, I made the decision to start working out, and I made the decision to go on some amazing trips. (Oh, and I made the decision to purchase that pesky time-suck that is known as an iPad.)

When you combine all these decisions with the other things in my life I enjoy, such as parenting and writing and keeping up with my friends and family, and then when you throw a full-time job into the mix, well...the minutes disappear quickly.

This has led me to think about how I allocate my time, and to think - to really think - about what I’m doing with the precious minutes I have available to me each day. Some things are non-negotiable and won’t be changing. These include the time I spend with my son, and the time I spend with friends and family. If anything, I think my life would be more fulfilling if I increased the time I spend with those people important in my life.

I’m not going to stop writing either. I haven’t had that many great writing days over the past couple of months, but that’s starting to change as I allocate more time to my writing. And there is nothing that compares to the feeling I get when I have an awesome writing session. When the words are flowing, and when the verbs are popping out as fast as my fingers can type them, it doesn’t matter if I only write one paragraph or twenty pages. Life is good, and I can float on the good feeling from a strong writing session for several days.

But if I’m spending more time writing, what have I thrown out the window?

I’m still running and working out, although the humidity is shortening my runs. But according to my bank account, it’ll be awhile before I can take another trip. That means no weekends without a computer, which means I’m able to fit more writing in the nooks and crannies that make up a long unplanned weekend.

The biggest change, however, has been with my iPad. I’ve limited how much I use it over the past five days as an experiment, and it’s amazing how much more time I have. I had no idea those ios board games were eating away so much of my time! Word with Friends. Hero Academy. Ascension. I was losing bucketfuls of those precious minutes of each day keeping up with all the games I was playing. It was fun, but it also demanded a lot of my time, time I am no longer willing to give up so freely.

So I’ve scaled back my gameplaying on my iPad, and I’ve started limiting how much I use it. Which is probably why I had time to write this blog post.  :-)

Do you ever think about the ways you spend the minutes of each day? At the end of the day, do you feel satisfied with what you did?


  1. I always wish I'd had more time to write.

  2. I have this issue all the time myself. I have 2 very little kids and I refuse to give up time with them, but what slows down my writing is games as well. Although I get sucked into World of Warcraft more so than anything. Whenever I'm writing and I get stuck on something I seem to drift off to that game. I tell myself, only for ten minutes then get back to writing. 3 hours later it's time for bed and I'm still delving into dungeons looking for new loot and crafting materials. ugh. Im glad you're getting more time in. I can't wait to read this novel of yours, Scott.

  3. Yeah, Tim, I seem to remember seeing something in one of your blog posts about games a while back. Skyrim was a huge distraction for me for about a month, and now I've struggled with all the amazing tactical board games that are available on the iPad. I loved board games as a child but no one wanted to play, so now that I can play anyone in the world at anytime...well, it's a hard addiction to break!

    How's Devil Dog coming along? Once you finish rewriting the ending, will you be done?

    1. Once the ending is completed I'll send it back to the content editor for one more round. I don't think there will be changes form there, and then I'll need to grab a copy editor, and then I'll finally be done with it. I already started book 2. I guess since it's my first one, I decided to slow down a little and make sure I do it right. I've learned a ton of things on these first few passes with my own editing and the editor I'm working with.

      I love board games too. I still have several in a closet in my house. Mostly collecting dust, but every once in a while I can get a couple friends to play one. Never my favorites though. I love Risk, but everyone always wants to play Monopoly. Beggars can't be choosey. I just love playing.

  4. Ah, the iPad. It can't replace a laptop, but at least it gives you constant access to millions of time sinks.

    Working on a computer in your own time is a challenge. There are always a horde of five-minute distractions waiting to swarm you.

  5. I have avoided playing any games on the internet and I only check in on FB once a week. I also don't have an iPad or a smartphone, which really cuts the distractions. My secret addiction is reading newspapers and periodicals every spare minute - often when I should be writing. But overall, I'm pretty happy with my time allotment. People (family & friends) first, then job, then everything else. :-)